Thinking about selling privately?

Attempting to sell your home without the help of a Realtor is a growing trend that appeals to many homeowners. However, upon realization of the complexities of the real estate process, many people reconsider and enlist the services of a Realtor. Completing a real estate transaction requires time, skill, and experience. Many homeowners determine that they are not equipped to effectively carry out this transaction on their own, and lack the confidence to ensure their best interests are protected.

Problems when selling a home privately:

  • Under-selling based on insufficient knowledge of market and area comparables

  • Increased legal fees exceeding the cost of Real Estate commission for work that falls to a lawyer in the absence of a Realtor

  • Missing clauses and conditions that fail to protect the Seller and/or put the Seller at a disadvantage

  • Limited exposure to the market and missed opportunities to appeal to potential Buyers

  • Full liability resting on the Seller’s shoulders should a problem arise

  • Lack of confidence and a stress-filled process due to no professional assistance

  • Most private sales end with hiring a realtor to complete the process, and sellers always regretting not beginning the process with a Realtor 

Advantages of working with a Realtor include:

  • Access to, and analysis of comparables to ensure you’re priced competitively

  • Negotiating experience – this is huge!!   confidently navigating you through the process to ensure you don’t sell yourself short

  • Unique and powerful marketing

  • Positioning within the industry based on an extensive network of professionals to gain exposure

  • Confidence throughout the process to guarantee your best interests are protected

  • Insurance to ensure you are protected and not liable should issues arise.

Historically, I have worked alongside many sellers who made the attempt to sell without the involvement of a Realtor. After discussing future intentions and goals, and weighing the benefits and repercussions, it was most often decided to list with us! We have successfully negotiated many agreements for satisfied clients who would otherwise have attempted to sell privately. By analyzing recently sold comparables and current competition, we have the right tools and experience to calculate your home’s worth and ensure that you will see the greatest return for your investment.  It is our goal that you are on the right track to a successful sale!

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